CourtSideClub wants to have a positive impact on the basketball industry thanks to Web3!

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CourtsideClub (CSC) is a French startup creating a Web3 brand dedicated to basketball fans. Our short term goal is to define the basketball industry through Web3 and in the long term, change the inner workings of the sports industry. CSC is using blockchain technology to secure all passes thanks to Non-Fungible Tokens. The pass will authenticate and identify the CSC community members allowing access to different utilities and exclusive benefits.

It’s clear that NFT’s are making a splash in the sports industry. In June of 2021, the NCAA began allowing players to benefit from NIL deals allowing athletes to monetize their image and likeness. Based on information shared with us by former college athletes, this decision was groundbreaking. Time constraints between classes, study hall, practices, and public events make it next to impossible to find ways to get a job for these athletes. Looking at 2023, NFT’s are now allowing student athletes more opportunity to earn money. These athletes are creating their own communities that provide various benefits for members all while earning money outside of their scholarships.

As it stands the NIL deals are typically reserved for the athletes who have larger followings, however with NFT’s each player has the ability to create and interact with their own fanbases, big or small. There are many cases where walk-ons had just as much notoriety as some of the rotation players. Through NFT’s these players who aren’t in the regular rotation still have a fanbase that they can interact with in creative and unique ways.

CourtSideClub provides a unique opportunity where fans of the game can come together to harness the power of a community. As fans of any sport, the extent of supporting your favorite team ranges from buying game tickets, buying team gear, deciding where to sit during games, cheering or booing and so on.

CSC will utilize NFTs to create membership to our community. CourtSideClub memberships will be used to invest in a pro basketball team giving each token holder an opportunity to be shareholders. Token pass holders will be able to vote during our basketball season on front office decisions such as team finance, investments, player recruitment etc. (Say goodbye to your fantasy league!) The CSC token unifies our community of basketball with the power to own, operate and profit from our very own basketball team.

Philanthropy is also a core principle at CourtSideClub. Our key goal is to work with charities that promote diversity, social justice and equality through sport. CourtSideClub being a team of individuals from all different walks of life, we are very passionate about bringing people more opportunities through sport, similar to the experiences of our founders.

Our team is made up of experts in the tech ecosystem, professional basketball players, professional basketball coaches and a past NCAA basketball champion. The combination of our experience brings CSC over 2 decades of experience, granting us the bandwidth to change the industry. Together, our team is setting out to pioneer a new basketball generation. At CSC monetization will go through Web3 technology from player contracts to team management providing a new real world application for our NFTs. Join us on the court, we promise you’ll be heard.

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