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Join CourtSideClub and reinvent ownership in the world of professional basketball. Unleash your potential and embark on an epic adventure to conquer the world of 3X3 basketball, where we aspire to become the Mark Cuban 3.0! Our vision for 2024: launch a professional 3X3 basketball team, managed by CourtSideClub members. Let's make sports business ownership accessible to everyone!


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CourtSideClub aims to empower you to actively participate in the management of a professional 3X3 basketball team! We want to place basketball fans at the heart of the action and reinvent the socios concept!

Discover the power of CourtSideClub, a revolutionary experience for basketball enthusiasts!

Our goal is to transform the fan experience by offering them the unique opportunity to take the reins of a professional 3X3 basketball team and propel it to excellence in our sport.

As a result, our members will have the chance to actively participate in the sports management of top-level basketball teams. They will truly be at the heart of the action, alongside players and coaching staff.

Our ambitious project aims to revolutionize the world of professional basketball by making it accessible to everyone!

By joining CourtSideClub, you will enjoy numerous exclusive benefits, such as tickets to matches, jerseys of your favorite players, basketball shoes, meetings with professional players, and access to high-level coaching videos. These exceptional rewards are specially designed to satisfy the basketball enthusiasts that you are.

Don't wait any longer, join CourtSideClub now and experience a unique journey that will change the way you perceive the sport you love!

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